Spring 2022 Record News

6 Jan

Tokyo/ Yokohama

Jan 15 Kichijoji World Kitchen Baobab Record Market


Jan 6-13 Kyoto Fujii Daimaru Fujidai Record Fair

Jan 9-18 Kumamoto Tsukimi Record Market

Jan 28 – Feb 10 Kyoto Ongaku Mania

Mar 9-14 Tsu Matsubishi Dept Store Chuko Record/ CD Bargain

Apr 23-May 10 Fukuoka Maruzen Ongaku Mania

Autumn/ Winter 2021-22 Record News

13 Sep

Tokyo/ Yokohama

Oct 23-24 Shimokitazawa Bonus Track Record Market

Dec 5 Yokohama Downbeat One Box Record Fair

Dec 12 Yokohama Record Market


Oct 1-10 Hirosaki Sakurano Dept Store Record & Cd Festival

Oct 15-17 Kanazawa Aki Onbansai

Oct 22-24 Toyama CD&Record Sale

Oct 22-Nov 4 Kyoto Ongaku Mania

Oct 22 – Jan 5 2022 Sendai E Beans Record Market

Oct 27-Nov 1 Takamatsu Mitsukoshi CD & Record Fair

Nov 5-7 Nagoya Dai Shugakusai Record & CD Matsuri

Nov 17-23 Tottori, Yonago Tenmaya Ongaku Ichiba

Dec 6-12 Hiroshima Disc Sale in Shareo

Dec 15-20 Kurashiki Tenmanya Ongaku Ichiba

Dec 16-21 Osaka Hanshin Umeda Dept Store Record CD Fes

Jan 6-13 Kyoto Fujii Daimaru Fujidai Record Fair

Summer 2021 Record News

10 May

Note that many record shops are likely to shorten their hours, and events may be cancelled or curtailed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Tokyo/ Yokohama

July 10 Kinshicho Koganeyu Record Ichi

Outside Tokyo

May 11-18 Hirosaki Sakurano Dept Store 2nd Hand Record & CD Sale

May 15-Jul 11 Sendai E Beans Record Market

May 24-30 Kanazawa Kourinbou Tokyu Square Record CD & Furuhon Ichi

Jun 4-6 Hamamatsu Record & CD Summer Carnival

Jun 11-13 Kanazawa Motenashi Dome Record & CD Summer Carnival

Jun 19 – July 18 Saitama, Kawagoe Yamano Gakki Record & CD Fair

Jul 1-8 Kyoto Fujidai Record Fair

July 21-26 Kurashiki Ongaku Ichiba

July 22-24 Nagoya Record Summer Carnival

July 28 – Aug 3 Osaka Umeda Hanshin Record & CD Fes

Aug 6-8 Fukui Hokuriku Onbansai

Aug 18-30 Nagoya Maruzen Ongakumania

Aug 23-29 Hiroshima Disk Sale in Shareo

Sept 2-14 Kyoto Tokyu Hands Add Some Records to Your Day

Sept 4 Odawara Blend Park Vinyl Invasion

Sept 8-13 Fukuyama Ongaku Ichiba

Sept 10-12 Hamamatsu CD & Record Show CANCELLED

Sept 9-14 Sendai Fujisaki Used Disc Market

Sept 16-23 Oita Tokiwa Beppu Store Chuko Record Ichi

Sept 23-28 Gifu Takashimaya Record/ CD Fair


5月4日 一箱レコード市 One Box Record Fair

3 May

Spring 2021 Record News

2 Feb

Note that many record shops are likely to shorten their hours, and events may be cancelled or curtailed due to the COVID-19 situation.

Tokyo/ Yokohama

Apr 17-18 Shimokitazawa Bonus Track Record Market

May 1 Yokohama Downbeat International Jazz Day DJ Session/ Record Sale POSTPONED

May 4 One Box Record Fair Shimokitazawa Good Heavens!

Outside Tokyo

Mar 10-15 Tsu Matsubishi Dept Store Record Bargain

Mar 16-30 Kyoto Tokyu Dept Store Add Some Records to Your Day Record & CD Fair

Mar 26-28 Hamamatsu Create Hamamatsu CD & Record show

Mar 28-Apr 3 Hiroshima Shareo Disc Sale

Mar 31 – Apr 5 Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Record & CD Disc Sale

Apr 8-19 Kitakami (Iwate) Sakurano Dept Store Record & CD Festival

Apr 9-21 Kyoto Maruzen Ongaku Mania

Apr 14-19 Fukuyama Ongaku Ichiba

Apr 24-May 13 Fukuoka Ongaku Mania

Apr 28-May 6 Takamatsu Mitsukoshi Used Cd/ Record Fair

May 1-4 Nagoya GW 2nd Hand Record & CD Sale

May 11-18 Hirosaki Sakurano Dept Store 2nd Hand Record & CD Sale

May 15-Jul 11 Sendai E Beans Record Market

Jun 4-6 Hamamatsu Record & CD Summer Carnival

Jun 11-13 Kanazawa Motenashi Dome Record & CD Summer Carnival

The first 10 years …

31 Dec

March 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the One Box Record Fair. As I write I don’t know whether or not we’ll be able to celebrate this milestone in the style we’d like to, but in the meantime, here is a brief rundown of our first decade.


Back in the autumn of 2010 MattB and I were looking at putting on a small-scale event where we could meet like-minded collectors and broaden our musical horizons. We borrowed the idea (with permission) from the One Box Book Fair held in the Yanesen area of Tokyo and the first event was to have been at Funkstep, a great basement bar in Kichijoji. Sadly, the owner had to close suddenly but one of his regular customers stepped in and offered to let us use his own store, Onigiri Station. Two weeks before the first OBRF was due to take place the Great East Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear disaster put a stop to most events but we decided to go ahead and the turnout was fantastic.

2010年秋、MattBと私は志を同じくするレコード・コレクターとの出会いを求めて、そして自分たちの音楽の幅を広げるためにも何か小規模なイベントをやろうと考え、東京の谷根千で行われていた「一箱古本市」のアイディアを借りて、そのイベントを「一箱レコード市(OBRF)」と名付けました。最初に開催する予定だった吉祥寺の「Funkstep」という店は残念ながら急遽閉店してしまったのですが、その店の常連客の一人が自分の店を使ってはどうかと申し出てくれました。その店が第一回のOBRFの会場となった「ONIGIRI STATION」でした。開催の2週間前に東日本大震災が起こって、津波と原発事故の影響でほとんどのイベントが中止になっていたので迷いましたが、私たちは実行に移すことに決めました。そして、素晴らしい参加者が集まりました。

The One Box Record Fair moved to a bigger space in Koenji at Bar Dynamo and once the word had got around its popularity grew steadily until both Dynamo’s owner and Matt left Japan and for a while we were ronin, with occasional events at the likes of Bar Curtis in Shinjuku, World Kitchen Baobab in Kichijoji, and Substore in Koenji. For the past few years Good Heavens! in Shimokitazawa have been our gracious hosts twice a year, with the plan being to have a third event elsewhere each year to attract new customers and sellers. Miro in Kichijoji was the last one of those before the pandemic put a stop to our activities.

その後、OBRFの会場は「ONIGIRI STATION」よりもっと広い高円寺の「Bar Dynamo」に移り、噂が広まって人気も高まりましたが、DynamoのオーナーもMattBも二人とも日本を離れることになりました。その後は、新宿の「Bar Curtis」、吉祥寺の「 World Kitchen Baobab」、高円寺の 「Substore」などを借りて継続しました。ここ数年は下北沢の「Good Heavens!」で年2回開催していますが、それ以外の場所でも年1回は開催して、新しいお客さんや出店者を呼び込む計画です。吉祥寺の「ミロ」は、パンデミックの影響でOBRFの活動を休止する前の最後のイベントでした。

Over the years we’ve had some outstanding guest DJs and sellers, plus numerous celebrity customers, but the main reason we keep it going is that the sheer unpredictability still makes it fun to do. When you have a twenty-something collector with a box of Punk 45s next to a guy in his 70s selling Soul Jazz and Hard Bop LPs and they hit it off it feels like we’re doing something right and all the cliches about music bringing people together have some substance.


Where do we go from here? Well, a lot depends on how the situation develops in Tokyo over the next few months. We hope to do something in the spring and plan to make a decision on the date and venue in February. Later in the year we aim to do our first event outside Tokyo, at Downbeat in Yokohama, which was originally set for Spring 2020. As usual, the WordPress blog will be updated as and when other events take place in Japan. Hopefully we can add at least one or two of our own in the coming months.


Winter 2020/21 Record News

27 Sep

Note that many record shops are likely to shorten their hours, and events may be cancelled or curtailed due to the State of Emergency announced Jan 7th for Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa.


Oct 18 Sasazuka Bowl Raw Def Market

Oct 31 4th Kogeneyu Record Flea Market

Nov 22 Record Conbini presents Kissa Randori Record Fleamarket

Outside Tokyo

Oct 2-4 87th Hiroshima Disk Sale

Oct 6-Dec 13 Sendai E Beans Grand Record & CD Ichi

0ct 15-22 Kyoto Ongaku Mania (Maruzen B2)

Oct 21-Nov 1 Kitakami (Iwate) Record & CD Festival in Sakurano Dept Store

Oct 22-Nov 23 Kagoshima Maruzen Tenmonkan Record Fair

Oct 23-25 Takamatsu CD & Record Fair

Oct 31-Nov 3 Matsuyama Disk Market (Tokyu Hands)

Nov 6-8 Nagoya Record/ CD Dai Shuukakusai

Nov 10-15 Kokura Eki Naka Hon no Ichi

Nov 23-29 Kanazawa Tokyu Square Record/CD/Book Fair

Nov 27-29 Hamamatsu CD & Record Show

Dec 9-14 Kurashiki Ongaku Market

Jan 6-12 Osaka Hanshin Dept Store Record & CD Fes

Jan 7-14 Kyoto Fujidai Record Fair

Jan 16-Feb 14 Fukuoka Maruzen Hakata-ten Disk Sale

Feb 22-28 Osaka Twin 21 Disk Sale

Feb 23- Mar 1 Kobe Hankyu 9F Record and CD Fes

See you in 2021

21 Sep


Sadly we will not be holding the One Box Record Fair until next year. Hope to see you then.

Summer Record News

25 Jul


to Aug 2 Ikebukuro Yamano Gakki Nishi-ikebukuro Analogue Record Fair


Outside Tokyo

July 22 – Aug 3 Okayama Maruzen Disk Sale

Aug 8-10 Nagoya Summer 2nd hand CD & Record Sale CANCELLED

Sep 1-7 Osaka Twin 21 Disk Sale

Next One Box Record Fair

27 Mar

(English follows Japanese)


We are sad to announce that we will have to postpone our events in Yokohama (April 26th) and Shimokitazawa (May 3rd) until the Autumn. Stay tuned by following us on Twitter or Instagram.