4/23 One Box Record Fair

8 Apr


March/April/May Record News

7 Mar


March 20 Otsuka Hearts 33rpm Cypha Live event + Record Sale

Apr 15-16 Aoyama Record Matsuri

Apr 23  One Box Record Fair in Shimokitazawa


Outside Tokyo

Kyoto  Mar 15-28  Add Some Records To Your Day

Fukui  March 18-20 Hokuriku CD and Record Sale

Hamamatsu  Mar 24-26  CD & Record Show

Osaka  Mar 31-Apr 2  Record Festa

Fukuoka   April 7  Disk Carnival

Morioka  April 28-30 Morioka Iwate CD & Record Sale

Toyama May 12-14 Hokuriku Onbansai

Spring 2017 Record News

8 Feb

Feb 24-26 Itabashi Record Fair, Tokyo

Mar 24-26 Hamamatsu CD & Record Show
Mar 31-Apr 2 Osaka Record Festa

Apr 23 One Box Record Fair, Tokyo

Next One Box Record Fair 2017

5 Dec

先週の一箱レコード市を参加してくれましてありがとうございました! Good Heavens!のポールさんも「とてもいい感じ」と言いました。次回は3月下旬の予定でしたが、日にちが合わないために4月になりそうです。是非参加が可能なら、よろしくお願いします。

Thanks for taking part in last Sunday’s OBRF in Shimokitazawa. It seems next March is going to be difficult to find a date in, so we will probably do another one on a Sunday in early/mid April 2017. More info in the New Year.

12/4 一箱レコード市 DJスケジュール

28 Nov

DJ schedule for Dec 4th:

2:00-5:00 B2B Sarutoriibara, Plainstone, T-Bob, Waka, マサキオンザマイク 他

5:00-5:45 Evil Jay
5:45-6:30pm Zafarista
6:30-7:15pm Mory
7:15-8:00pm Mitsuco Delight
8:00-8:45pm Pigeondust
8:45-9:30pm Mr A
9:30-10:15pm Jimmy
10:15-11:00pm “pingpong”/back to back

Nov/Dec Record News

6 Nov


Nov 27 World Music Record Sale @ Kichijoji Baobab

Nov 26-27 Aoyama Record Matsuri

Dec 4 Shimokitazawa One Box Record Fair

Dec 11 African Record Market @ Forest Limit



Nov 3-6 Umeda Record/CD Fair

Dec 3-4 Osaka Nakanoshima Library Record Show

Dec 26-30 Osaka Hanshin Dept Store Fair



Nov 25-27 Nagoya Sakaemachi Biru (Banana Records)

Dec 2-4 Fukuoka Disk Carnival

Dec 2-4 Sendai Tohoku Onbansai

Dec 14-19 Kurashiki Music Market


Next One Box Record Fair Dec 4th

23 Oct